Marathon's turn-key real estate development and consultation services allow us to provide our clients with peace of mind during the development process. With our vast development experience in due diligence, project design, permitting, and financing through building and closeout, Owners can count on sound expert consultation and council. Marathon assembles thorough procurement methods or as needed, a team of professionals that are unique to each project to ensure an exceptional outcome.

In short, Marathon provides consulting and development services that manage the development of the project from the initial vision to occupancy of the completed project and hand-off to the selected management firm. Marathon earns a development fee that is a lender allowed project cost. The development fee is financed and disbursed from the loan in the same manner as the architect or general contractor would be paid. Lenders generally prefer to have a skilled developer involved in the process as it ensures a seamless development experience, including professional management of project schedule, budget and overall project coordination. Marathon's development fee will not increase the project costs but be paid with overall project savings derived from professional project management through design/value engineering, project schedule and financing options.

Marathon has been a pleasure to work with. Their staff is extremely prompt in correspondence and instills an aura of confidence in those working with them. I have enjoyed working with the team and hope to work on future projects together.

Tara, Finance Executive, Bellevue, WA