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Management & Tracking of Development Contracts

Marathon takes a unique approach to assist our clients with management and tracking of all the development contracts between our clients and vendors, general contractors, sub contractors, and all service/product suppliers. What this means is that any contract our clients enters into, Marathon provides a tracking sheet to the service provider to submit with their invoices. Marathon uses a customized project management database to provide our clients with a snap-shot on every invoice they receive of exactly what percentage of the contract is being utilized. We provide this service on every invoice, every month, on every draw. If the provider is providing services outside of the contract, or if the service provider has billed for items out of the contract Marathon's finance department works with the service provider to ascertain Change Orders, Contract Amendments, or corrections in the provider's invoicing PRIOR to the packaging of each Predevelopment, Design, or Construction Draw. This service eliminates the need for the client to spend their time negotiating contract modifications and leaves the management of the documentation up to Marathon. If changes are necessary to the contracts, all documents are drafted with by Marathon's project management team but the final approval comes from our clients. With our experience and our systems for contract management, we can assist our clients with the details and boil down those details when it comes time to authorize work to save our clients time, and money. Our clients are aware of exactly where the money is being spent every month on every line item that is approved on our project budgets.

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