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DEVELOPMENTS: Skilled Nursing Facilities

Skilled Nursing FacilitiesA Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) is a medical facility that provides short-term skilled nursing care on an inpatient basis, following recent hospitalization. As part of the continuum of care, SNFs provide the most intensive care available outside of a hospital. For Medicare certification purposes, a prospective SNF patient must have been hospitalized for at least 3 days in the last 30 days and must also require skilled nursing care or rehabilitation therapy on an inpatient basis.

SNFs may be hospital-based or free-standing. Under CMS rules, certain Medicare -certified hospitals may be reimbursed for providing skilled nursing care. These are typically small rural hospitals or critical access hospitals. In such settings, the beds used for skilled care are called swing beds and the facility may be dubbed a swing-bed hospital.

Under Medicare, SNFs are reimbursed using a formula that combines the geographic difference in labor costs as well as a case mix system of patient acuity called RUGs (resource utilization groups). There are currently 53 RUGs, and the RUG to which a particular patient is assigned is based on factors like the level and hours of nursing care and therapy required. Unlike a hospital, an SNF is allowed to provide limited physician access/availability, but like a hospital it must provide 24-hour nursing care.

Marathon has worked closely with many rural and critical access hospital districts to develop a plan to support or reposition their Skilled Nursing Facilities. For more information regarding services provided for the development of these facilities, please Contact Us at Marathon Development, Inc., 425-747-9952.

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