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SERVICES: Due Diligence

Due diligence is overall process used in the evaluation of a project acquisition, refurbishment or new development. Due diligence includes assimilation, review and approval of third party analysis or studies that include but are not limited to: The market analysis, the financial feasibility including pro forma, project estimate and financing options. Geo technical study, phase I and phase II environmental study, wetlands, steep slopes or tree survey. Land topo-boundary survey, acoustical or asbestos study. Environmental studies involving cultural resources, including consultation with State, Federal and Tribal organizations. Architectural and Civil site plans, and project specification. All land use requirements including conditional use permits, boundary line adjustment, platting, design review, public meetings and the appeal process. Marathon possesses a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment and market forces which impact a particular site and will evaluate and prepare a detailed presentation to our clients.

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